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Harmony House

The Harmony House is the original home built at PonoMana Oasis. This large 3 bedroom 1 bath was the original 1947 coffee roasting ‘shack’ and has been fully remodeled and updated with all new amenities while incorporating the cozy charm of the original redwood. The HUGE lanai is ideal for quiet morning coffee, yoga or evening dinner.

Wake-up every day relaxed and refreshed. This fully furnished three-bedroom house has a three-month minimum rental and is perfect for travel nurses, doctors or medical students.



3 month minimum



3 Queen Beds

3 bedrooms. Bath/Shower. Washer/Dryer.

Well stocked Kitchen. 3 Private parking spots.

PonoMana Oasis

PonoMana Oasis is a private residence and a magical place to experience the Aloha Spirit and connect with the powerful and nurturing nature of Hawaii.

At 950ft feet elevation, you will come to understand why it truly is the ‘perfect elevation’. Not too hot/dry, which it can be in Kona and closer down to the water you get. And it is not too cloudy/rainy, which is common the higher up the mountain you go.

PonoMana always seems to have a gentle breeze moving over the property. Either from makaiwarm breezes from the ocean or maukacool Mauna Loa mountain air, PonoMana seems to be in a perfect state of tranquility while emersed in fresh island air that heals you to the deep soul level.

PonoMana property has a breathtaking view of Kealakekua Bay, one of the most powerful and sacred vortexes on the planet (see below).

Take all the time you need to rejuvenate. Allow yourself to be comforted and open to a sense of renewed being as if gently cradled in the arms of Spirit. Here you will feel protected and at peace.

As you settle into the slow gentle rhythms of Hawaii, your soul will know you are now in the right place.

As your nervous system begins to relax you will feel the mana (powerful spiritual energy) that permeates this sacred land that WhaleSpirit caretakes. You, like so many others will experience why this place truly is God’s Pathway.

Take some quiet time to rest and relax and allow WhaleSpirit Sanctuary to be the place that your soul calls home…

PonoMana Oasis is less than an 8-minute drive down to the bay. As a marine life conservation district for colorful fish, turtles, dolphins, whales, and manta rays this area of Hawaii is ideal for kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Make sure you take time to watch the spinner dolphins as they leap and play and do their famous spin in the air. On occasion, a Mother Humpback and her newborn may enter the bay for a time of rest and play.

General Info:


  • KONA (KOA) INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – 35 minutes away


  • DEC: 84F/28.9C – 65F/18.3C ~ ~ 78F/25.5C
  • JAN: 83F/28.3C – 64F/17.7C ~ ~ 77F/25C
  • FEB: 83F/25C – 64F/17.7C ~ ~ 77F/25C
  • MAR: 83F/25C – 65F/18.3C ~ ~ 77F/25C
  • APR: 83F/25.5C – 66F/18.9C ~ ~ 78F/25.5C
  • MAY: 84F/26.1C – 67F/19.4C ~ ~ 79F/26.1C
  • JUN: 84F/26.6C – 68F/20C ~ ~ 80F/26.6C
  • JUL: 85F/27.1C – 69F/20.5C ~ ~ 81F/27.1C
  • AUG: 86F/27.1C – 69F/20.5C ~ ~ 81F/27.1C
  • SEPT: 86F/27.1C – 69F/20.5C ~ ~ 81F/27.1C
  • OCT: 86F/26.6C – 68F/20C ~ ~ 80F/26.6C
  • NOV: 85F/26.1C – 67F/19.4C ~ ~ 79F/26.1C

WEATHER – Best time to visit.

Based on several tourism scores, the best time of year to visit Captain Cook for warm-weather activities is all year round!

In Hawaii, location is all about elevation. Booking a hotel or condo in downtown Kona (sea-level) it can be 92F/33.3C requiring A/C for your unit. PonoMana Oasis is at 950ft/315m and will be a very comfortable ocean breeze 85F/27.1C and no need for A/C.

Most days are sunny with a short light late afternoon rain – ideal napping conditions and keeping the property lush and green.


The Big Island is one of those places where renting a car is a necessity. We have all the national Rental Car Companies right at the AirPort.

Our guests have had great luck with local Turo rentals as well. Start your search in Kealakekua and then zoom out from there.

Uber/Lyft/Taxi – Yes they are available and not recommended as they can be unreliable. NOTE: We have had more guests miss flights due to a late arriving hired service to take them to the airport.

What to bring:

Here are some basics to consider:

  • swimsuit(s)
  • light comfortable, casual summer clothes
  • sandals/flip-flops/thongs
  • water shoes (a few of the ‘beaches’ are black lava rocks and boulders and the sand beaches can get very hot )
  • walking/hiking shoes
  • small Camelback for water and adventurous hikes
  • large beach towels – we will provide you with microfiber sandless beach towels
  • bamboo/straw beach mat
  • sunglasses
  • reef safe natural sunscreen (no chemicals please)
  • hat
  • light tunic/t-shirt for after swim – if there is a light breeze
  • light raincoat for short afternoon rainshower
  • book for light reading during an afternoon or evening
  • camera (an underwater camera is ideal)
  • beach bag/backpack to carry your stuff


If you are someone who gets cold easily or sun sensitive, you may consider a surfer’s Rash Guard Swim Shirt. They can protect you from long sun exposure as you might be in the water for a few hours and they can hold in a bit of body heat as well. Swim shirts are a personal preference.


If you have access to a local dive shop in your area we would encourage you to start there so you can try out your equipment first. A second option is online and many have great return policies if what your purchased does not fit. There are plenty of local dive shops in Kona where you can purchase/rent quality equipment. Because of ease of online shopping and other local competition they do not ‘tourist increase’ their prices.


This will come down to personal preference. This is something you are best trying before buying to get something that is a comfortable fit for you. A good mask will give you a great experience. A cheap mask will ruin it!

For those who wear glasses, there are shops online that will make the mask to your prescription.

For those with facial hair or larger facial features, you can search for masks that will accommodate you as well.

NOTE: we use SeaVisionUSA as they offer great masks for small or large faces, beards and prescriptions.


Check out for more information on snorkels.

We recommend the Dry Snorkel. Even with low waves you can get some water down the tube.


Check out for more information on different types of fins.

Open Foot Fin with Boot* is more expensive and for some worth the investment. This allows you to put the boots on first/last and walk in and out of the water with ease. (a few of the ‘beaches’ are black lava rocks and boulders and the sand beaches can get very hot )

Some water shoes work just fine with Open Foot Fins. 

As for Paddle or Split Fins – there is no real difference and it is just a personal preference.


Check out Amazon.

If feet are not barefoot conditioned for rough/sharp lava rock, hot mid-day beach sand and you are planning a day trip with a mix-up of hiking, snorkeling and local shop exploring – a good pair (or two) of water shoes is a perfect shoe for all adventures. Flip-flops/thongs are very ‘island’ but depending on the terrain they have their limitations and can be unsteady on much of the hiking trails. 

What is most important is a durable bottom/sole as lava rock can shed a soft bottom water shoe.

The bonus is if you have Open Foot Fins (recommended)/ Water shoes with a durable back heel can replace the boot that is needed with these types of fins. This way you can hike down to the Captain Cook Monument or walk across the lava or hot beach sand in your water shoes, get in the water and slip on your fins with ease. 

Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay comes from ke ala ke kua in the Hawaiian Language which means “The God’s Pathway”.

Kealakekua Bay and is protected by the powerful and majestic Pali Kapu O Keōua cliffs, “forbidden cliffs of Keōua” the ancient burial place of Hawaiian royalty.

Ancient Hawaiians came this sacred spot to as a place for rest and revitalization. Hikiau Heiau, a luakini temple of Ancient Hawaii, sits at the south end of the bay. This area was the focus of extensive Makahiki celebrations in honor of God Lono. The sacred City of Refuge is only a 5 minute drive away.

According to sacred geometry, this bay is one of the planet’s 10 major vortices and has a pre-disposition for inter-dimensional experiences as it creates a ‘portal’ or ‘star gate.’ Many of our guests have reported that intentions made at WhaleSpirit are greatly magnified.

Kealakekua Bay is one of the best snorkeling spots in the entire state of Hawaii. and the nearby lush and tropical region (the Kona coffee coast).

The Hikiau Heiau is a well-preserved ancient temple dedicated to the Hawaiian god Lonois. The heiau was restored several times since it was damaged by tsunami and high surf. It remains a sacred site to the Hawaiian people. Tourist are forbidden to go onto the heiau.

Kealakekua Bay and 19.5 Degrees


The Tetrahedron is the first and simplest of the five Platonic Solid shapes. Each face is an identical triangle, each side is equal, and the angles are equal. The Star Tetrahedron, or Double Tetrahedron, is made up of two interlocking Tetrahedrons and is extremely significant pattern found within the world of sacred geometry. The Star Tetrahedron interlocks two Tetrahedrons form a three-dimensional Star of David, also known as the Merkaba.

Merkaba is an Egyptian word. More clearly translated: MER refers to the “Light”. KA refers to the “Spirit” and BA refers to the “Physical Being” or “Body”.

Star Tetrahedron is a powerful tool with amazing energy vibrations. These energy vibrations are understood to help to more easily connect with the Higher Self and align the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. It is believed that the Star Tetrahedron supports a connection between the physical and ethereal bodies allowing an individual to merge with Source/the Divine/All that is.


When a Star Tetrahedron is placed inside a sphere (i.e. the Earth), and two (2) opposite apexes touch the North and South poles, the remaining three (3) apex points touch the surface of the sphere at exactly the 19.5 ° North and South latitude.

There is appears to be a pattern of significant importance in our solar system in relationship to the 19.5 latitude point. Scientists have discovered what are loosely referred to as “hot spots” on each planet:

Venus – Alta & Beta Regio – Significant volcanic region
Mars – Olympus Mons
Jupiter – Great Red Spot – Vast Atmospheric Vorticular Upwelling
Saturn – Region of “Storms” Observed from Earth
Uranus – Observable Upwellings in High-Altitude Clouds
Neptune – Great Dark Spot or Great Red Spot (since it was observed by Voyager 2 in 1989, it suddenly “disappeared”)

And on Earth:

1) Kealakekua Bay and Mauna Kea, HI (largest mountain on earth)
note: WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is in direct alignment between the bay and Mauna Kea.
2) Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan
3) Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan
4) Giza pyramids
5) Avebury (the largest stone circle in the world, near Stonehenge)

Sirius, the brightest star in the sky was extremely important to ancient Egyptians. The Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius is an equilateral triangle – a 2-dimensional representation of a tetrahedron. The Egyptian translation for this hieroglyph means a doorway or more mystically translated as ‘Stargate’.

The 19.5° latitude point can be seen as the intersection between the light body of the planet and its physical surface. This then creates the ability to connect to other dimensions and an energetic predisposition for inter-dimensional experiences. Maybe this is why the Hawaiians refer to this sacred place as God’s Pathway.

Don’t simply take our word for it. Come and sit on our lanai at the WhaleSpirit Sanctuary and quiet yourself. Within moments you will feel your soul respond to something truly amazing!